My Approach

Hypnotherapy Manchester

Suffering from depression?

In my relentless pursuit of knowledge I
have developed an approach to helping
people that differs quite substantially
from many of my peers in the world of
psychotherapy, counselling and

My different approach allows me to rapidly help people who have been through the typical ineffective route of going through the “system” that seems to be prevalent in Western cultures . So many times I am told by clients who have been through this painful procedure that they are either just given drugs or sent to mental health professionals who “just listen”. If this sounds familiar to you, you can rest assured that with me, things will be very different.

The following saying resonates with my approach: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. My aim in every session is to teach the client a number of tools that they can use to remove emotional pain and then go on to live life in a much more carefree, happy and confident manner. The techniques are new, cutting edge, easy to use and can be used independently once a client’s time with me is over. My goal is to foster long term happiness within the individual and prevent that person from ever having to seek help from any other mental health professional again.

Why do people need help in the first place?

Our minds have a property that allows knowledge, behaviour, beliefs and skills to become automated and this allows us to function efficiently in our day to day lives. For example, experienced drivers can go on a long journey and have little recollection of it. This is because the skill of driving a car has become automated and thereby dealt with by the subconscious mind. This ability to automate certain behaviours/beliefs/actions frees up our conscious mind to focus on other things.

Problems occur when certain patterns of thought/emotion/behavior enter our subconscious minds that are detrimental to our wellbeing. It then becomes much more difficult to amend these patterns as they are embedded in our psyche. Examples include phobic reactions, addictions, overeating/drinking, self-esteem/confidence issues, anxiety, depression and many more issues. The key to removing these emotional splinters is to target our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind contains all of our memories, beliefs, emotional responses, habits, imagination/creativity, automatic processes and much more. Often when a client comes to see me, they have tried to use their conscious mind to solve the problem already but failed. This shows that the root of the problem exists in the subconscious aspect of their mind which conventional therapy is so ineffective at accessing, so a new approach is required.

More specific information of my approach is given in the TREATMENT section on this website. However with most issues, the first step is to remove the emotion from the memory, imagined scenario or problem context. The techniques I teach are devastatingly effective at separating the emotion from the thought, no matter how severe/traumatic the problem thought or memory is. This ability can create some truly profound results in the way a person experiences their life almost instantly. With the emotion neutralized it is normal for disempowering beliefs to fall by the wayside of their own accord. A situation that was making us unhappy can remain the same, yet we can be happy and empowered to make real change as our “perception of reality” has been modified.

In some cases we need to identify disempowering beliefs and replace them in the subconscious mind with ideas and thoughts that will allow you to enjoy your life far more and achieve your goals. Too many of us go through life with the equivalent of a stone our shoe. Only when we remove the “emotional” stone do we realize how great an impact it was having on our enjoyment of life. I urge you to read some of my testimonials. They will give you a much greater feel for my approach than any description I could give.