In the West we have a large number of people who are overweight. Various factors are involved in this such as poor diet, stress, lack of exercise plus the fact that many of us do no exert much energy whilst at work – or at least not physical energy. However the fact is, many of us do want to lose weight but very often fail. We know what we need to do and many people are successful for a period of time, only to put the weight back on a month or two later. Why is this? The answer lies in the way we approach weight loss psychologically. For many people the bad feeling that comes with being overweight reaches a tipping point at which they decide “enough is enough”. They consciously choose to lose weight and begin the process. Unfortunately all the old programming is still intact fighting the conscious choice to lose weight, so willpower is required to override this urge to eat bad food and be sedentary. Willpower will never win in the long run against such strong opposition.

For easy, sustainable weight loss, a number of very specific steps need to be followed. Each case is different but it is essential that the emotional reasons for eating are removed. Early in the process I will ensure that any unresolved trauma from the past (no matter how severe) is resolved. I will teach you a toolkit of techniques which you can use daily to remove your day to day stress or anything coming up in the future. In my experience once a person embraces these techniques they feel much calmer, enjoy life far more and very often begin to spontaneously lose weight. In fact if ever I treat anyone who is suffering emotionally, as they begin to quickly feel better, healthy weightloss is often a nice side effect.

As with any form of motivation, once the emotional obstacles are removed, it is important to engender a strong emotional desire for success. Doing this leads to a situation in which the subconscious mind desires weight loss as much as the conscious mind, meaning that willpower doesn’t have to come into the equation. I have helped many people lose weight and the experience gained has led me to develop a very sophisticated series of steps and strategies which people casn follow once we have the emotional aspects resolved. I know all the potential pitfalls and ways around them, all the lies that people tell themselves (for example, I have broken my diet rules today so I may as well just start again tomorrow) that in the past would have inadvertently led them back to their old patterns of eating.

No matter how many times in the past you have tried and fail to lose weight do not give up. You will never have utilised the powerful strategy I have developed regardless of whether you have received help from a therapist or not. With a different strategy expect different results!