Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many sessions will be required? 

The majority of my clients require just one session to experience a substantial improvement in their frame of mind. Sometimes multiple sessions are required but these are the exception rather than the norm. When it comes to specific issues such as weight loss or life coaching, multiple sessions can be helpful to fine tune the work we carry out in the first session.

2. What does a typical therapy session with you consist of?

After making you feel comfortable and relaxed we will discuss whatever issue you are facing. My aim is to map out the structure of the problem and develop a strategy to quickly make you feel better or achieve your goal. The focus of my therapy is on change, so a large proportion of our time will be implementing and teaching tools to enable this to occur both in the session and to enable you to do further work independently if needed.

3. Is there a free consultation?

A free phone consultation is available for us to discuss the problem you face and how we can start you on your journey towards resolution.

4. How frequent are sessions?

This depends on the nature, severity and complexity of the problem. As I have mentioned elsewhere, most of my clients only require one session. If further sessions are required, the timescale between each session will be dictated by the client and how they are feeling. Typically a week between sessions would be the morm.

5. How long does a session last?

Again, depending on the nature of the problem, sessions will normally last between 50 and 90 minutes.

6. Will there be work to do between sessions?

Some issues can be resolved in one session with little work or effort on behalf the client. My aim is to empower the client to take control of their destiny, meaning they have to see me as little as possible. To do this, the tools I teach may need to be implemented independently. These won’t necessarily be very time consuming but depending on the presenting issue, will require some commitment for the greatest, permanent results.

7. I feel embarrassed about my problem. Will I be judged?

I treat all clients from a position of unconditional positive regard. Life throws many obstacles at us, some more than others, and often without the right knowledge and help we are powerless in the face of these problems. In effect we are often the product of factors beyond our control so there is never anything to be ashamed or embarrassed about. You can rest assured that in my company you will feel relaxed, at ease and know that I will have your best interest at heart regardless of the current issue. If a client has a strong desire not to discuss specifics that is fine – my tools can work very effectively without me having any idea of what you are facing so long as you follow my instructions.

8. Where will the session take place?

I work out of my therapy office in Leigh, Lancs. I have also successfully treated many people over the phone and indeed many of my clients are based overseas. For an additional fee I am also willing to work at a client’s house depending on location and necessity.