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I have suffered severe clinical depression for over 20 years as a result of a number of traumatic events which have occurred during my life. When my husband and both my parents passed away, my life began to spiral completely out of control and the thoughts of harming both myself and my two young children were never far away. I attempted suicide was hospitalized and referred to numerous psychologists and councilors, who simply offered a ‘listening ear’ and increased my anti-depressants. I muddled through day to day life in a zombified manner, fearing the future held no place for me. A friend recommended I contact Pete having seen him herself for panic attacks. The change in her was incredible so after hitting a deep dark place in my life, I was desperate to try anything. My intrusive thoughts had become obsessive, paralyzing me and had a massive impact on every aspect of my life. Since introducing the techniques Pete suggested, my major depressive episodes, self-loathe and feelings of desperation are now a ghost from the past! After only one session, I feel an overwhelming inner power and strength, confidently knowing I am now able to deal emotionally and mentally with any future life events. My feelings of detachment from the world no longer exist and I feel completely free of all negative and life-threatening thoughts. I am experiencing optimism for the future as a feeling of contentment and happiness flows from deep within. This is an experience not felt for a number of years. A fantastic experience and result Pete! Thank you so much for your unconditional support, a new found freedom and a new beginning.


Looking back I remember that first walk we took and I asked you to give me half an hour of peace in my mind!  I was an absolute wreck.  I was so deeply depressed even the tiniest inconvenience could send me on a downward spiral.  You told me you could see time in my future when I would be strong enough to cope with whatever life threw at me.  I didn’t believe you.  You promised me you could pull me back from the pit of despair which I had fallen so deep into I lived shut away from the world sad and angry, comfort eating and drinking my way into total self-destruction  and taking my life out on colleagues and friends.  Well I was wrong and you were right.  Over the last two months life has thrown a whole pile of all that is bad at me and I have not only coped, I have lost the fear of living – it feels really good, actually quite empowering.  When you took me on to help me you gave me the most precious gift anyone can give to another person, you gave me the will to carry on living, the will to try…..  It isn’t much in return, but if you wish to use any of these words in italics on your website by way of a testimonial, then they are my gift to you.  You have the power to change people’s lives, you have definitely changed mine for the better and I would recommend anyone who feels there is no hope to seek you out.  At the start you had enough belief for both of us, you gave me the tools I needed to transfer your belief in me into belief in myself.


Peter Owen (The Mind Healer) works at Bedford High School’s ‘Well Being’ week 2013.
Recently we had the great opportunity to invite Peter into school to be a part of our staff well-being week. Peter was fantastic; he was really well received by the staff who not only commented on his caring nature but also how much of a difference he made in such a short period of time. Peter’s warm and caring approach helped people feel relaxed enough to share their concerns which meant the most effective 1-2-1 sessions could be undertaken.
The school will certainly work with Peter again as he was a clear benefit; Positive, upbeat and inspirational!! Every school should work with Peter!

Bedford High School

After 2-3 years of deterioration of my marriage and the eventual separation 6 months ago I knew I had reached rock bottom. Severe depression, anxiety, low confidence and self esteem…if if was a negative mental issue I had it and it manifested itself all day every day to the point where suicide was considered. I felt that what ever the future held, the future didn’t have a place for me. I contacted Pete having being recommended him by another who had seen him. The initial session lasted for 2 hours in which we discussed at length my situation and issues and straight away by means of conversation and positive spins on life I began to look at things differently. I was then introduced to a new technique in dealing with negative emotions and once these exercises where carried out the effect was almost instantaneous and the difference in my outlook and attitude to myself and life in general was changed dramatically. He enabled me to confront the negative thoughts that had plagued me for years and enable me to get over my problems and move on with my life like I never thought possible. The circumstances that have caused me problems are still there but I am able to deal with them in a positive manner to a point that i’m not affected by negative thoughts. The difference is unbelievable and is beyond anything I could have hoped for before I saw Pete. To anybody reading this I urge you to get in contact with Pete as it will be the best thing you ever do. Thankyou Pete…you may well have saved my life.


I contacted Peter after deciding enough was enough – depression, low self esteem, anger and negative energy was taking over my life. Something very horrendous happened to me many years ago at the age of ten – I had gone through two years of sexual abuse – Going through stages of feeling unloved, ugly, and dirty and at one point in a desperate state to end my life. Growing up and knowing things were dead and buried I had tried to put things to the back of my mind and forget all about. I tried to carry on with a happy life However I never spoke a word to anyone about my ordeal. I figured things would be ok up until meeting the love of my life. Having ups and downs like any normal person I never realised that half of my ups and downs were because I had feelings and emotions that I just hadn’t let go of. I confided in Pete as I knew that I was slipping into a depressed state of mind – I just thought it was because I had had a few arguments about everyday matters. But I wondered why things like this were affecting me so badly – feeling scared, lonely and ugly with no confidence – all this because of a row over having a rubbish weekend, raining with nothing to do? It didn’t make sense. Pete taught me a technique which I was able to rapidly remove any negative emotions/feelings towards any event. This is when raw emotions of the past came to light. After the first session a huge surge of energy rushed through my body with emotions flying everywhere. By the second, third and fourth session I felt invincible, nothing could get me down. The events that happened to me all those years ago had a tight hold of me but now it feels as though it never happened. Intellectually I know the facts but the feelings and emotions towards it are gone. The techniques truly are AMAZING – I knew I was happy in my relationship but now I have been given a burst of life – releasing the badness only made more room for the love I already had. Thanks Peter!


For years I have battled with my weight, being able to lose it one moment, only to put it all back on as time went on. From the first telephone consultation with Peter, I had hope for the first time that things would be different. Peter outlined the psychological reasons why people often fail and straight away gave me some simple tasks so that he could tailor the first the first session specifically for me. I had never been hypnotised before and was surprised how wonderful I felt after the session. I just felt on top of the world, more confident and determined than I have ever felt and had a distinct psychological strategy to avoid all pitfalls that would in the past would have led me back on the downward spiral. I have managed to keep the weight off this time and my life has changed for the better in so many other areas.


I contacted Peter when I realised that my phobia of dogs had gotten out of hand and was beginning to rub off on my daughter and impact on my life. Through college and uni, I worked every summer at my local boarding kennels and felt perfectly confident in dealing with all breeds. Fastforward several years and I was 8 and half months pregnant and walking back to my hillside villa in Spain, after putting out the rubbish at the end of the road. On either side of the road were high walls and steep slopes. I walked past our neighbours villa, perhaps 100 metres from ours, and their Rottweiller ran out and chased me down the road. It was snarling and angry and I couldn’t outrun it or escape. As it lunged at me, all I could do is turn quickly and hunch over my belly and it missed me and landed on it’s side. I remember thinking “This is going to be bad, but the baby might survive…” I didn’t see what happened next, but the owners managed to call it off and it ran home. After that I was afraid to walk out of my villa ever again and when the tenant living in the underbuild apartment got a similar sized dog, we had to move. Now I’m living back here, but the phobia remained and when my little girl started pre-school I had a nightmare with parents waiting outside the school gates with Rottweillers. If I walked round a corner to be confronted by one, I would freeze up and my daughter would panic too. My heart would be beating all the way home and I realised that this happened with all large dogs and I even hated having friendly little dogs jump up at my legs for attention. It was the realisation that my daughter was inheriting my phobia that made me decide to do something about it. I contacted Peter and he completely erradicated my phobia in less than 15 minutes!!!! I literally had my life turned around in between finshing dinner and washing the pots, as he did it over the phone! I was stroking little dogs within days and even attended a fete at the local guide dog centre, where every other person had brought their pet dog. I found myself stroking a dog so tall that a child could walk under it and I want to pet every dog I see now, as I used to. I still give the Rottweillers at the school gate a wide berth, but I think that’s just common sense. Thanks, Peter. I can walk down the street now without panicking at every dog!


I can’t believe I suffered for so many years with my phobia of flying and you remove the problem in 15 minutes…amazing!


I had been suffering with depression and very low self esteem for as long as I can remember, I believed that know body loved or liked me, not even my own children. I hade been to my doctors many times over the years, have seen councellors, and had many different types of anti-depressants. In 2009 I tried to commit suicide when my wife left me, and whilst in hospital I thought that now they might get to the bottom as to why I feel the way I do, but no, the hospital put me in contact with a psychiatrist who really only listened, offered me more anti-depressants but no real constructive help. Then I met Peter who not only listened, but offered me a way out, his techniques seemed a little strange at first, but I listened and did as he suggested, and after three or four sessions I noticed changes in me were starting to take place, my feelings were changing, the techniques he’s been teaching were beginning to work, I always new that I would have to be the one to turn my life around, (there’s no wonder drug) but I didn’t know how or where to begin. With these new techniques that I am leaning I feel that life is worth living again, I see a happy future, I still have some way to go, but I know that if i’m willing to put in the effort i’m heading in the right direction. If you have problems that you feel you need help with, then I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Peter, the techniques that he uses I had never heard of, but they work, and for me that’s all that matters.


Peter: Mind Healer or Guardian Angel? For me he’s both: When I first went to Peter I was suffering from severe clinical depression, low self esteem and was at desperation point; the counselling offered by the doctor was increasing my stress levels and I’d had a bad experience with anti-depressant drugs. My life had been reduced to a constant battle with myself which I could never win. It was affecting my relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Peter’s completely alternative approach has set my feet firmly on the path to a full recovery. In just 4 sessions he’s made a huge difference to my state of mind. Using a variety of techniques he has helped me find the things causing my distress, he’s helping me get to the root of why I feel the way I do and is helping me dilute the negative energy which has been ruining my life. His are definitely not conventional approaches, but if you go in with a completely open mind they really do work. I noticed a big difference even after the first session. I never truly believed I could be happy again; I was so low I couldn’t even name something that would make me feel happy, but slowly he is changing that by helping me to change the way I look at myself, at others and at life in general. He doesn’t wave a magic wand, it’s not about tricks of the mind and you have to really be willing to put some effort in; but he’s there for you every step. If you stumble with a technique he will set you back on your feet. I still have a way to go, you can’t fix 12 years of self loathing in 4 weeks, but finally I can see a life beyond the dark pit of despair I’ve been living in. Would I recommend Peter? A resounding yes, even if you think you’ve tried everything, you haven’t tried this!


Pete helped me when I was preparing for an exam. I have never been good taking exams, tying myself in knots and never thinking I will do well. I had an inkling that the issue came from Junior School, but until I talked to Pete I hadn’t realised how big a hold this had over me. Following hypnosis and practical exercises such as a ’tapping’ technique I took my exam and passed with a high mark! Since the hypnosis I have been alot more confident and have used the tapping technique and visualisation on numerous occasions before doing activities that worry me (such as presenting, attending meetings, or just dealing with difficult people!). Pete is very professional with a warm personality and trustworthy nature and I would not hesitate to recommend him.


I have been to see Pete twice now and what he does is truly amazing!! It is hard to put into words how much he has helped me!! I have suffered for a long time with anxiety but it recently came to a head over a work issue, my first session my anxiety and stress levels were high but now I wonder why I was so worried as I left feeling like the world had been lifted off my shoulders! The issues at work are ongoing but i can deal with them more confidentially! Looking back now I am a lot calmer in other situations all because Pete helped me face my work anxieties! My partner is so relived to see me back to my old happy self instead of weepy and stressed!


I would like to thank you so much for the incredible impact you have had on my wellbeing. I have suffered from crippling bouts of depression and anxiety for the last 30 years. Recently, I have found it hard to cope with every day life. I’ve been extremely low, tearful, and struggling to keep going. I have a loving family, and I know I have caused them much concern. My son heard about the amazing results Peter had in cases like mine, and encouraged me to give him a call. Thank goodness he did! Just one session restored stability in my life, and a second session has given me the ability to look forward to the future and enjoy my life. I feel calm, content, and in control. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Peter for helping me get my life back on track-Sue


Peter Owen is very special in the therapeutic world, in my experience. He is not only a master in Tim Phizackerley’s PSTEC, but he has extensive experience in other fields of self-awareness and self-transformation that powerfully enhance the practice of PSTEC as I have used it. It is wonderful to have a coach and mentor in Peter, to help get through sticking points and set me back in a proper direction where I can make progress in unraveling negative emotional habits and self-destructive beliefs that fuel them.