Conditions Treated

Using my techniques the following kinds of issues can
be treated:

Depression, anxiety, confidence/low self-esteem issues, habits,
addictions, phobias, stress management, motivation, weight loss,
smoking cessation and many more.

Ultimately all problems are linked with how we feel. Therefore
emotional freedom is the true goal of most people who come to
see me, wanting to rid their life of negative based emotions such
as fear, anxiety and depression, and to experience more positive emotions such as happiness, joy, excitement and contentment.

Our life experience is not that of reality but of an interpretation of reality. This interpretation can change from moment to moment leading our experience to change vastly, whilst the external world remains the same. This fact explains why people can witness the same event but have a completely different experience to those stood next to them.

The key to change is to amend the subconscious processes that are responsible for presenting our conscious mind with an interpretation of reality that causes us pain, and to replace it with an equally valid one that gives us pleasure and freedom from fear.  By clearing emotional pain, then identifying and removing the disempowering beliefs and patterns of behaviour that lead to painful emotions, many problems simply disappear and any obstacles that crop up in a persons life can be dealt with in a happy and confident manner.

Using my approach to hypnotherapy and other cutting edge mind technologies you can achieve the freedom you desire.