Fees / Contact

A free phone consultation lasting up to 10
minutes is available to discuss what you wish
to change and how we would work together to
accomplish your goal.

I currently only work over the phone/skype and the fee for the first session is £250 which typically last between 1-2 hours though can be shorter if we get through everything very quickly. Follow on sessions if needed are £150. The majority of my clients experience a change in the first session. In some cases my clients need a couple of sessions if there are a number of things to work through. Others are intrigued by the tools I have to teach and they wish to take this further to create a “designer life” in a life coaching type of session.

To get the ball rolling, send me a message with a brief outline of the problem you are facing and what you wish to achieve. Email me at peter @ themindhealer.co.uk (no spaces) or call me on 07812 563 425. It is often better to email me first as I am often seeing clients and can’t answer the phone. You are welcome to leave a message though if you prefer this mode of contact and I am unable to answer.