A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder which involves an intense fear towards a particular object or context that is disproportional to the actual threat presented. Often a particular incident occurred in a person’s life in which a link was created between the concept and the fear response. The subconscious mind’s ability to form and maintain these connections is remarkable and often is very useful. For example if you walk across a road without looking and get run over, your mind may create mild anxiety for you in those contexts which will prompt you to pay attention to the task at hand.

However sometimes life events can occur in which a link is formed that doesn’t have any real value and causes a person a great deal of unnecessary stress. A phobia which involves a simple link is often referred to as a simple phobia. There are also complex phobias which have often evolved over time and spread over to other similar concepts. For example flying phobias can sometimes head towards a fear of travel in general, then on to a fear of being away from friends and family. Sometimes a person can develop a fear of the fear which often results in the onset of panic attacks.

Techniques utilised by mainstream therapy are ineffective at best and involve undergoing a lot of stress to have any kind of success. This is because they work at the conscious level, whereas the problem lies at the subconscious level. The techniques I use often completely remove a phobia within 15 minutes, no matter how intense a phobia is or how long it has been present. A phobia can be created in a moment and it makes sense that with the right technique, it should be able to be removed in a short space of time. It can!

People pay hundreds of pounds to travel companies to go on courses to help alleviate flying phobia. Again, unfortunately they focus on persuading the conscious mind that there is nothing to fear and that flying is the safest form of travel. Strong emotional links cannot be amended at the conscious level. No matter what your phobia is, it will no doubt be an emotional thorn in your side that needn’t be there. Contact me and we will remove that thorn quickly and easily!

“It was the realisation that my daughter was inheriting my dog phobia that made me decide to do something about it. I contacted Peter and he completely eradicated my phobia in less than 15 minutes!!!! I literally had my life turned around in between finishing dinner and washing the pots, as he did it over the phone! I was stroking little dogs within days and even attended a fete at the local guide dog centre, where every other person had brought their pet dog. I found myself stroking a dog so tall that a child could walk under it and I want to pet every dog I see now, as I used to. I still give the Rottweiler’s at the school gate a wide berth, but I think that’s just common sense. Thanks Peter. I can walk down the street now without panicking at every dog!