Depression can be a very debilitating condition that really affects all areas of a person’s life. It is often linked to low self esteem and a feeling of not being in control of one’s own life. When in the depths of depression, a person will often have zero energy and everything will seem like a massive effort. Another characteristic of this mode of thought is that the person caught in the depression cycle will often feel as though there is no possible way out, or that it would take years of drugs and therapy to have any effect.

The good news is that no matter how long someone has been trapped in a cycle of depression, the process of rising above the darkness can be rapid so long as you use the right tools. Again our experience of reality is merely an interpretation of reality rather than actual reality. We each have a unique set of filters and beliefs that automatically determine the way things are presented to our conscious minds. These filters delete 90% of the information that we are exposed to which prevents us from becoming overloaded. If we didn’t have this ability to use shortcuts, life would be a very chaotic experience and day to day life would be very difficult. A depressed person has their filters set to delete all the good things in their life, leaving the worst aspects filling their entire world view, both emotionally and in their thoughts.

I utilise a small number of very sophisticated, cutting edge tools which result in a dramatic and rapid removal of emotional pain. Emotional pain that is linked to past memories, current contexts or imagined future scenarios can play a huge role in our perception of reality. The problems of depression lie at the subconscious level which is responsible for generating emotions. Unfortunately, conventional therapy such as Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is very ineffective at dealing with emotional problems because it is all carried out at the conscious level. Anti-depressants merely mask the pain and in the process dilute the ability to feel good.

By blasting away these emotional thorns, it is common for people to feel back to normal in a very short space of time. Until the last 2 years, no tools existed to easily, quickly and efficiently remove these emotional pains. At this point, I am one of only a small number of experts in these new therapies, though I have plans to take this to the NHS very soon (I am currently in dialogue with a Mental Health Commissioner on this topic). I have no doubt these techniques will revolutionise the way conditions like depression are treated globally over the next few years.

I urge you to read some of my testimonials. However here are a few excerpts from people who have applied my techniques:

“Since introducing the techniques Pete suggested, my major depressive episodes, self-loathe and feelings of desperation are now a ghost from the past! After only one session, I feel an overwhelming inner power and strength, confidently knowing I am now able to deal emotionally and mentally with any future life events”

” …I was then introduced to a new technique in dealing with negative emotions and once these exercises where carried out the effect was almost instantaneous and the difference in my outlook and attitude to myself and life in general was changed dramatically…The difference is unbelievable and is beyond anything I could have hoped for before I saw Pete. To anybody reading this I urge you to get in contact with Pete as it will be the best thing you ever do. Thankyou Pete…you may well have saved my life.”

“After the first use of the technique a huge surge of energy rushed through my body with emotions flying everywhere. By the second, third and fourth run throughs, I felt invincible, nothing could get me down. The events that happened to me all those years ago had a tight hold of me but now it feels as though it never happened. Intellectually I know the facts but the feelings and emotions towards it are gone. The techniques truly are AMAZING – I knew I was happy in my relationship but now I have been given a burst of life – releasing the badness only made more room for the love I already had. Thanks Peter!”

If you are in a state of depression, suffer no longer! Let me help you to take the first steps on your road to happiness and contentment!