Many of us experience situations in which we don’t feel as confident as we would like to feel. Confidence is more a state of mind than a personality characteristic. We are all born confident and uninhibited, with no fear of failure. For example you will never see a baby try to learn how to walk only to give up … the thought never occurs to her.

As we grow we learn to be unconfident through outside influences such as our parents, siblings, educators and all the other people in our lives. The unconditional love disappears and certain expectations are placed upon us, only through the achievement of which do we receive positive expressions from those around us.

Many other elements creep in as we get older. We become aware of the repercussions of failure and some of us can become very preoccupied with the way others perceive us. It’s as if we believe that other people’s mental concept of us, actually has a real bearing on our true nature. Consider public speaking for example – one of the most prevalent fears amongst the general populace. To a large extent this is due to a fear that people may perceive us unfavourably.

As we become adults, we can often develop a propensity to govern our lives based on how we think others perceive us. Without this fear we can confidently approach any task or situation without wasting unnecessary emotional energy on worry, making life far simpler.

Having a low self esteem is a more generalised feeling of a lack of self worth which is often linked to low confidence and depression. Again this is often a product of our life experiences as we grow up. I utilise a number of cutting edge tools to completely remove fear of situations and quieten those voices in your head that tell you that you are not good enough. By identifying the responsible beliefs and thought patterns, along with reorganising the way you view, emotionally experience and interpret specific situations, rapid changes can be made in a relatively short space of time.

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