Anxiety is a feeling of unease or fear which forms a part of our everyday lives and is a physiological response to perceived stressful or dangerous situations. Some anxiety is helpful. For example, a feeling of anxiety is normal and can actually be helpful during a job interview as it can make us more alert. Anxiety about an exam can motivate you to study harder. However for some, this state can take over a persons entire life. Some of the phsyiological symptoms include: shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dizziness, sickness, chest pains, headaches, loss of apetite, fatigue and a feeling of “butterflies” in your stomach.

Psychological symptoms include: feeling worried much of the time, difficulty concentrating, problems with sleep, feeling on edge, irritability, a sense of impending doom, feelings of “unreality” and a sense that one is going mad.

Anxiety can stem from a specific traumatic event and snowball out of control, or it can be the result of a number of constant stressors over a period of time which the individual struggles to deal with adequately. Anxiety is often coupled with depression and a person suffering from it often believes they are beyond help or at the very least, that it could take a very long time to deal with. The good news is, with the right tools and correct approach, anxiety can quickly dissolve and you can begin living your life in a happier, more carefree manner once more.

Anxiety is almost always the result of life experience and our perception of events we have lived through. Emotions and beliefs are intimately linked. Once a great deal of negative emotion has gathered it will fuel disempowering beliefs in an effort to protect ourselves. The fact is, most of the time we do not need protecting and it is merely our mind that is automatically generating an interpretation of reality that causes further distress. My approach is always to uncover any specific traumatic events that have occured and blast away the emotion linked to that memory. Those who have had things happen they would rather not talk about needn’t worry; so long as you follow my instructions the emotions will drift away. Next we identify contexts in the present situation which cause anxiety and one by one, remove the emotion that is currently linked to those areas. Importantly we must also work on “imagined future scenarios” because the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between imagination and reality. If a person constantly imagines that they are going to get attacked on the way home from work, their body will respond as if it is definitely going to happen. This will generate further emotion, adding further power to the belief that something bad will happen.

Once we have removed the “emotional splinters” it is very common for disempowering beliefs to fall away effortlessly and you can resume your life in a calm and more carefree manner. On the odd occasion we sometimes have to work on beliefs also. Most beliefs exist in the subconscious and skilled questioning is often required for a person to realise what beliefs he or she is holding. Once the problem beliefs are identified we can use more cognitive type techniques to scrutinise those thought process. All my techniques are very practical and can be used easily by anyone who has the desire to make long lasting change.

The problem most other psychological therapies have (such as counselling, CBT, psychotherapy, psychiatry) is that they have no method of removing the emotions which are attached to the problem contexts. It is difficult or impossible to shift a stuck state or belief without first removing the strong emotions that are backing it. With my arsenal of psychological weaponry this task is quick and easy. In other words if you have been to a counseller for months with no result don’t give up hope. Techniques do exist which really can help and with my guidance, dramatic results are possible.

Even those who don’t see anxiety as an issue day to day can benefit from a session with me. Do you feel excess anxiety in any of these contexts?

Giving a presentation
Going on a date
Anxiety towards a particular individual
Certain situations whilst driving a car

Bad feelings simply don’t serve any useful purpose most of the time and with the new knowledge and skills acquired, an ability to remove the negativity will be a real option for you.

Here is a testimonial from one of my many anxiety clients:

“I have been to see Pete twice now and what he does is truly amazing!! It is hard to put into words how much he has helped me!! I have suffered for a long time with anxiety but it recently came to a head over a work issue, my first session my anxiety and stress levels were high but now I wonder why I was so worried as I left feeling like the world had been lifted off my shoulders! The issues at work are ongoing but i can deal with them more confidently! Looking back now I am a lot calmer in other situations all because Pete helped me face my work anxieties! My partner is so relived to see me back to my old happy self instead of weepy and stressed!”