Habits and addictions are typically behaviours that we wish to stop but are unable to. Here the strength of our subconscious mind shows its full force as consciously we feel out of control in these areas of our lives. These behaviours are often, though not always, triggered by stress or some other negative stimulus. Once repeated enough they become absorbed by our subconscious mind and breaking the habit can become very difficult.

Common addictions that I treat are: hair pulling, alcoholism, food, drugs, smoking cessation, gambling and literally anything that fits the above description. There is a little variation in how I treat any habit depending on the client’s needs and motivations but in general terms my approach is to follow a fairly typical path. This initially involves gathering a detailed plan of the nature of the habit at hand, when it occurs and how often, the thoughts that proceed it and other environmental triggers.

Using the best tools available we quickly remove any past or current hurts which may be fuelling the habit or addiction. Once these emotional drivers are removed, habit or addiction cessation becomes far easier and less traumatic.

Techniques are then taught which you can use at any time to remove any craving, no matter how severe it feels at the time. By removing emotional drivers, having tools at your disposal to stop cravings/desires in their tracks, along with designing a complete strategy on what to do in specific situations, you will achieve the freedom you desire in a short space of time.